Sweet Honey Mustard Chicken

en breasts…but usually they just aren’t that exciting for me. Sometimes they can be tasteless. Sometimes they can be dry. Sometimes they are just plain boring. But thankfully not this … Read More

Easy Sausage Dinner

Lately, one of my favorite dinners has been sausage. It’s easy, it’s tasty…and, guess what, it can be healthy! The Sprouts Farmers Market that I shop at has so many … Read More

Sierra Mist Chicken Marinade

What would a long summer weekend be without a barbecue? There is definitely something special about cooking food outdoors…the smells, the flavors, and the experience. Almost anything can be cooked … Read More

Sloppy Josies

Sloppy Joes make me happy.  They are among the ultimate comfort foods, and I am always reminded of childhood when I eat them.  How can you not feel a little … Read More