Convenience Snacks for Kids

Have you ever had one of those days? I hope I’m not alone, because I feel like I have them regularly. Yesterday, my 3 year old fell down on the way into preschool and scraped her knee, fell down on the playground at preschool and ripped holes in her tights, AND fell down at the playground during lunch, scraping her already hurt knee as well as her forehead. There were lots of tears and lots of Band-Aids. And I haven’t even begun to get into the dramatics of my 1 year old in the throws of teething.

Needless to say, yesterday was one of those days. And when I am having one of those days, I need all the help I can get. When I am having good days, I am happy to cook and bake from scratch for my family. In fact, I LOVE cooking and baking for my family. On the not so good days, sometimes it’s better to have a few go-to items that require little work (or even no work) to get food in my kids’ bellies. I’ve already shared some of my favorite convenience dinners. When we are on the go, it’s good to have some healthy grab-and-go snacks that keep the kids happy and mom sane.

Here are a few of our favorite convenience snacks:

5 Convenience Snacks for Kids

1. Annie’s Whole Wheat Bunnies crackers – These tasty crackers are made with organic whole wheat flour so they have 2 grams of fiber per serving. Not too bad for a cute, kid-friendly snack.

2. Mini Babybel White Cheddar – A pint-sized snack for the pint-sized snacker. The cheese is fun to little hands to peel and eat. I like it because it doesn’t have any unnecessary colors or flavors.

3. Simply Balanced Organic Thompson Raisins – These are a perfect portable snack. Just grab a couple of boxes of these raisins, throw them in your diaper bag, and you’re ready to go! Grapes tend to show up on the dirty dozen list, so buy organic to avoid potentially harmful pesticides.

4. Kashi Soft n’ Chewy Bars – Kids love cereal bars, but these pack an extra kick with real fruits, veggies and whole grains. Kashi makes several flavors of Soft n’ Chewy bars, but the Banana Chocolate Chip bars have all the flavor of homemade banana bread without any of the work!

5. Cascadian Farm Organic Fruitiful O’s – If you have a cereal addict for a child (as I do), you don’t have to feel guilty for giving into their cravings. This cereal’s first ingredient is whole grain oat flour, it has 3 grams of fiber per serving, and the colors come from nature’s rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

So stock your pantry with healthy snacks, and don’t feel too bad when you have one of those days. We all need a little help sometimes!