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Have Food, Will Travel

I wouldn’t call myself a jet-setter, but I am definitely an experienced traveler…and a reluctant experienced traveler with kids. I have flown with my children more times than I can … Read More

When Kids Get Sick

I wish I could have posted a recipe today, but my 1 year old and I are both feeling a little under the weather. I don’t know about you, but … Read More

Good Deals on Good Food

Eating healthy isn’t cheap! As I learn more about processed foods and spend more time reading labels, I am amazed to see the low, low prices on highly-processed junk food … Read More

Picky Eaters

Everyone knows a child who has been labeled a “picky eater.” You know, the kids who refuse to eat anything green or who demand macaroni and cheese for every meal. … Read More

Freezing Leftovers

As I was preparing to freeze our leftover pork BBQ (I pulled the pork ribs off the bones and mixed the meat with the homemade BBQ sauce), I found myself … Read More

Bulk Bin Shopping

One thing I love about shopping in so-called health food stores is the selection of bulk foods available.  I find the simplicity of selecting foods without any branding, packaging or … Read More